BWARS are pleased to make the following files available as free downloads.

Myrmica scabrinodis group scapes part 1 summary

myrmica-scapes-text.pdf112.14 KB

Bees in Britain Chapter 4: Glossary

Britain'_Bees_Chapter_4_Glossary.pdf1.06 MB

Shropshire Stelis phaeoptera trap nesting project

stelis-phaeoptera-trap-nesting-bwars.pdf792.11 KB

Bees in Britain - Table of Species

Britain's_Bees_Table_of_Species.pdf147.35 KB

Bees in Britain - Chapter 5 - The Genera

Britain's_Bees_Chapter_5_the_Genera.pdf578.93 KB

 A data label template for use with retained specimens

1data-label-template_UK.doc22.5 KB

Second report into the Chrysis ignita group – a provisional approach to gain confidence in identifying the

Chrysis-3.pdf24.04 KB

The Chrysis ignita group considered in a British context. Part 2

Chrysis-2.pdf48.92 KB

The Chrysis ignita group considered in a British context

Chrysis-1.pdf64.26 KB

Hawkins R., Lasioglossum sexstrigatum - New to Britain

Lasioglossum-sexstrigatum-hawkins.pdf59.85 KB

Index of species mapped by BWARS in Atlases 1-8

index-aculeate-atlases_1-8.pdf261.19 KB

Test Key for Hylaeus bees

hylaeus-test-key_stubbs_2007.pdf150.76 KB

Key to Stenamma worker ants

Stenamma_key.pdf290.5 KB

A visual guide for the identification of British Coelioxys

Coelioxys-guide_lowres.pdf1.8 MB

British Potter & Mason Wasps: Key - M. Archer

Archer_Mason&Potter_wasp_key.pdf560.12 KB

A survey of the bees and wasps of fifteen chalk grassland and chalk heath sites within the East Sussex South Downs. Steven Falk, 2011

East_Sussex_Downs_Bees&Wasps.pdf4.49 MB

A Provisional Checklist of the Invertebrates Recorded From Wales. 2. Aculeate Wasps, Bees & Ants (Hymenoptera Aculeata)

Wales-Aculeate-checklist_1996.pdf421.81 KB

Warwickshire's Bumblebees - Steven Falk 2011

WarwickshiresBumblebees.pdf3.96 MB