BWARS Contacts

Identification Queries

Enquiries about identifications of bees, wasps and ants MUST be posted to UK Bees, Wasps & Ants Facebook page or try IRecord. Please do not contact members directly.

**Enquiries (no identification enquiries)**

BWARS cannot help with enquiries about honeybees

Ryan Clark - Email:


Society Officers


Dr. Michael Archer

Contact email adresses are disguised to prevent spammers obtaining addresses. To use the addresses substitute an "@" for "[at]".


Louise Hislop - Email: Louisehislop[at]


Website Managers 

For all enquiries about the website:

Mike Fox - Email: mike[at]

Nigel Jones - Email: nipajones[at]

Social Media

Matt Smith - matsmith1[at]

Membership Secretary

Mrs. Louise Hutchinson, 45 Hill Road, Arborfield, Berkshire, RG2 9LP



Gemma Baron, 3 London Tce,Penmachno, Conwy LL240YF

Email: gemma_baron[at]


Clare Boyes Email: Clare[at]

Newsletter Editor

Jeremy Early, Email: jeremy[at]

Computerised Bees, Wasps and Ant Records

1. Bees, Wasps and Mixed Records for bulk data e.g. spreadsheet, Mapmate and Recorder data.

Clare Boyes: clare[at]

2. Ant Records

Mike Fox: mike[at]


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