Submit a sighting of Vespa crabro (hornet)

Reporting your sightings of Vespa crabro


For the first time, BWARS has enabled online recording for this wonderful spring-emerging species of wasp. No dedicated recording effort purely for this species has been launched in Britain before and an accurate picture of its current distribution is lacking. Questions we are keen to address include:

  1. What is its current range and distribution?
  2. Is there any sign of range change since the BWARS atlas was published?
  3. What nesting sites are being used?
  4. When do the first workers appear?

If you have any records of this large, colourful and distinctive social wasp, please submit the full details via this online recording platform. There is a facility for uploading photographs to support records if you have them. Please include any information on numbers, sexes, flower visitation, nesting sites and behaviour in the "Comments" section.

How to identify Vespa crabro


Queen Hornet  Photo: Nigel Jones                            Male Hornet  Photo: Steve Falk