List of British and Irish aculeate Hymenoptera

The spreadsheet that you can download here contains a list of British and Irish aculeates used by BWARS. This is a list of species and their names, recognised as being present in Great Britain and Ireland, drawn from work being undertaken by Gavin Broad (Natural History Museum), Barry Bolton, George Else, John Burn, Mike Edwards and Rowan Edwards. The list contains our best understanding of accepted names for species (species concepts), although in a few cases some confusion around names remains.

As research and knowledge concerning aculeates progresses, so too does the need to keep nomenclature up-to-date. This updated iso list reflects this, including changes to the understanding of Psenulus pallipes .This now includes Psenulus chevrieri as well as a more refined understanding of Psenulus pallipes itself; and an improved understanding of Passaloecus turionum.

Whilst the system will track names using previous iso lists (and may direct these to aggregates where changes have occurred), please use the most up to date list provided here when submitting new records. Always check the date of this file to ensure using the most up-to-date one.

List of all known species concepts (November 2022) spreadsheet

Reference for Psenulus pallipes/Psenulus chevrieri: Christian Schmid-Egger,  The Psenulus pallipes species group in Central Europe (Hymenoptera, Crabrionidae) Ampulex 8 40-44

Reference for Passaloecus gracilis/ turionum: K. M. Guichard, 2002 Passaloecus turionum Dahlbom, 1845 (Hymenoptera Sphecidae) new to the British List. Ent. Gazette 53:1, 33-36










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