Recent name changes

Taxonomists regularly review families, genera and species of aculeates (and all other life-forms). This sometimes results in proposals to change the accepted nomenclature associated with some species. Once name changes have been accepted, BWARS implements these changes across its website and in its publications.

This page lists recent changes in nomenclature.


Tetramorium atratulum (Schenk, 1852)

Formerly known as Anergates atratulus. Name change implemented on this website October 2016.


Spilomena differens Blüthgen, 1953

Now regarded as a synonym of S. curruca. Name change implemented on this website on 26 February 2013.


Hylaeus annularis and H. dilatatus

Name changes have been implemented in respect of a pair of species in the genus Hylaeus, one of which is a widespread species, the other a much more restricted one. Unfortunately it appears that we have been using the wrong name for the rarer species and this should be known by the name of the (formerly) commoner one!

In the old name list this is called Hylaeus spilotus, with a BRC number of  12306. It should be known as Hylaeus annularis. In order to highlight the potential confusion a NEW BRC of  12315 has been allocated to this species and this should be used for all future record submissions.

The old Hylaeus annularis is now to be known as Hylaeus dilatatus, the name which those of us who started naming bees with Saunders’ 1896 key used to use! This change has been publicised for some time and the BRC of  12301 remains with it.

Hylaeus annularis (Kirby, 1802)

    spilotus Forster, 1871
    euryscapus misident
    masoni (Saunders, E. 1894)

Hylaeus    dilatatus (Kirby, 1802)
    annularis auct

The reference for this change is: Notton, David G. and Dathe, Holger H. (2008). William Kirby’s Types of Hylaeus Fabricius (Hymenoptera Colletidae) in the collection of the Natural History Museum, London. Journal of Natural History 42: 27

Megachile leachella Curtis, 1828

Formerly known as M. dorsalis. Name change implemented on this website on 1 December 2012.

Reference: Fritz Gusenleitner, Maximilian Schwarz (2012)


Tapinoma subboreale Seifert, 2012

Formerly known as T. madeirense. Name change implemented on this website on 1 December 2012

Reference: Seifert, B. (2012)


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