Other research and studies

BWARS and its members participate in a range of projects. Projects are many and varied, from single person observational work to wide ranging collaborative work across international boundaries. A selection of this work is described here.


  • Anthophora plumipes - global population research. Led by Jakub Straka (CZ)
  • Stelis phaeoptera in Shropshire - trap-nesting project to discover more about the occurence of this rare bee in Shropshire.
  • East Sussex Downs - A Survey of the Bees and Wasps of fifteen Chalk Grassland Sites within the East Sussex Downs. This is an extensive report on this area by Steven Falk (2011).
  • STEP - Status and Trends of European Pollinators. A multi-partner EU-funded project
  • IPI - Insect Pollinators Initiative. A 9 project initiative funded by 5 major funders