The yearly membership is £20. All memberships become renewable on the 1st of January each year.
For members outside the United Kingdom, the EU membership rate is 30 euros.

Members receive a twice yearly newsletter.

On joining, new members receive a copy of the 155 page Members' Handbook, an invaluable aid for anyone studying bees, wasps and ants.

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Membership Benefits


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Members Newsletter
Published twice yearly, 50-60 pages. The newsletter contains members notes, articles of interest, species profiles, pilot maps, noteworthy records of aculeates, species status reviews and many other items. The newsletter has recently included colour photographs on the cover pages (inside and out) in addition to drawings and black and white photos throughout.

The Members' Handbook

The 155 page Members' Handbook is an invaluable aid to anyone interested in aculeates.

Membership list

Most members elect to have their name and contact address published in the newsletter. This allows members to contact other aculeate workers in the area where they live, who may be interested in joint activities - field trips, informal meetings, recording target areas which have been poorly recorded.

Members' Handbook contents include:

  • Characteristics and Life-histories of the Aculeates
  • The Conservation of Bees, Wasps and Ants
  • Collecting and Preserving Aculeate Hymenoptera
  • Identification of Aculeates
  • Recording Aculeates
  • Encouraging Bees in the Garden
  • Photographing Aculeates
  • Checklist of British Aculeates
  • Adult Active Months and Notes


studying bees, wasps and ants at a BWARS workshop

Identifying aculeates at a BWARS workshop

Andrena fulva excavating a new nest