BWARS Constitution Change

Submitted by Mike Fox on

The Committee gives notice of a proposed change to the BWARS Constitution (also notified in Spring 2022 Newsletter). This will be put to members at the AGM on 18th September 2022. Any comments by email or letter must reach the Chair, Louise Hislop, by 1st September to be considered. A copy of the full Constitution is available to members on application to the Secretary, Clare Boyes.

Section 7, Conduct of an AGM and Elections, an additional clause to be added to define quoracy at an AGM:

7b) Ten fully paid-up Members, including a minimum of three elected members of the General Committee, will be regarded as a quorum. Meetings should take place face-to-face where possible, but virtual meetings may be conducted if the General Committee decides this is necessary, with the proviso that proper Minutes are kept.