Beginners bees, wasps & ants: Chelostoma campanularum - harebell carpenter-bee

Chelostoma campanularum - harebell carpenter-bee

A tiny black bee associated with the flowers of various bellflowers (Campanula species). Common and widespread in much of England, but absent from Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It is commonly found in town and village gardens, and nests in old beetle holes or the exposed ends of thatch. Flies from June to early August


Key features: Female

  • A narrow, all black species
  • Most easily seen inside the flowers of various bellflowers
  • Snow white pollen collecting hairs on underside of abdomen
  • Aerial nester

The male is similar in shape and size but has no pollen collecting hairs.

Similar species

Lasioglossum species - these are often small and dark but they have no pollen scopa on the underside of the abdomen and are ground nesters.


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Photo: Female Chelostoma campanularum at rest - Jeremy Early; inset - Jelle Devalez.

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