Colletes hederae Report; 2009

Colletes hederae - Summary of 2009 monitoring project

2009 has been another excellent year both for Colletes hederae in UK and our monitoring effort. BWARS has gathered data from no less than 61 10x10km grid cells this year, of which no less than 33 represent entirely new locations. A glance at the map at the foot of this webpage will show that the most exciting areas for new sightings have been in west Kent, the north Kentish coast and south Essex (the first records from north of the Thames). I have also received a good number of records from inland areas such as Surrey, and especially, western Hampshire.

Data has come from a variety of sources, including BWARS members, other naturalists, and many members of the public via Google searches linked to the BWARS site (backed up with photos), from Wildlife Trusts, BBC Autumnwatch. A very big “thank you” too to Jane Adams, whose award winning wildlife blog “ Urban Extension”, has both raised awareness and encouraged readers to send in their data.

Well done and thank you to all those who have been involved – It will be interesting to see what 2010 brings


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Stuart Roberts, 2009