Andrena vaga in mainland Britain

Submitted by Nigel Jones on

Andrena vaga, a widespread black and greyish-white mining bee in continental Europe, has recently been found at two locations on the south coast of England - at Dungeness, Kent and Brownwich Cliff, Hampshire. This species could easily be overlooked as it is similar to the widespread A. cineraria, (especially the males) so do be on the look out for this striking Andrena bee in the coming weeks, particularly in southern England.

A. vaga is completely grey haired across the top of the thorax, whereas A. cineraria has an obvious black band across the middle of the thorax. See photos to the right.

Records for A. vaga can be submiited online here

Above: Female A. vaga at Dungeness, Kent. Photo by Roger Tidman

Below: Female A. cineraria. Photo by Jeremy Early