This is a place for any notes and observations relating to bees wasps and ants. Often, casual observations can be important in building up our knowledge of how aculeates behave, but all too frequently such observations are not recorded or collated. This leads to much valuable information being lost. The aim of this section is to build up a repository of casual observations of behaviour, which researchers can refer to when seeking information about aculeates.

Many of these notes were picked out from correspondence on the BWARS Forum. In addition BWARS also welcomes any notes you may wish to send directly to us. We may also consider publishing the most interesting observations in the BWARS newsletter. If you have any notes and observations please forward them to BWARS.

Notes are arranged for species in alphabetical order

Xylocopa violacea - an overwintered adult photographed in Shepshed, Leicestershire, February 2007