BWARS data download

Using and Referencing BWARS Data

You are free to use the BWARS taxonomic and public data for any purpose provided that you acknowledge BWARS as the source of this data. Full access to the data is provided on a case-by-case basis, under a project-specific license. Acceptable cases for full data access are outlined in the BWARS Data Agreement, as follows:

  • To further the study and/or conservation of aculeates
  • Other educational research purposes (such as university studies)

BWARS public data

The zip file below contains all of BWARS' data for aculeate Hymenoptera in the British Isles at 10km resolution. as a csv file

BWARS data at 10km resolution (2023 April)

a zip file with the same data in a format that can be used for mapping is available on request.




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