BWARS 2022 AGM and Members Event Programme

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BWARS AGM and Members’ Day

Sunday 18th September 2022 9:00 – 15:30

Meeting to be held via Zoom hosted by Tanyptera Trust


The event is free to members, but you are asked to register in advance by email to the Membership Secretary, Clare Boyes (address on BWARS website Contacts page, or in BWARS Newsletter) by Weds 14th Sept. An email with link will be sent to attendees a few days prior to the event.


AGM Agenda

9:00 – 10:45

  1. Welcome

    The Chair, Louise Hislop, will take the chair to introduce the business of the day.

  2. Apologies

  3. Minutes of the 2021 AGM

    These have been circulated in the Autumn 2021 Newsletter.

  4. Matters arising from 2021 Minutes

    Please submit any additional matters arising to Chair by 9th Sept.

  5. Officers’ Reports

    a) Chair – Louise Hislop

    b) Treasurer – Gemma Baron

    c) Membership Secretary – Louise Hutchinson

  6. Election of Committee Members


    a) Officers for re-election to post: Chair (Louise Hislop), Secretary (Clare Boyes), Treasurer (Gemma Baron), Membership Secretary (Louise Hutchinson).

    b) Ordinary Members: Liam Olds & Liam Crowley come to end of term, Ellen Lamborn & Richard Dawson to continue. Proposed - Karen McCartney, Ben Hargreaves

    c) Independent Accounts Checker for re-election: Jae Porter

    If anyone wishes to put themselves forward for an Officer post, please send nomination to Chair by 9th Sept.

          d) Ex-officio Members (all continuing): Data Manager: Mike Edwards, Social Media Secretary: Matt Smith, Website: Nigel Jones, Mike Fox, Newsletter Editor: Jeremy Early, Enquiries Secretary: Ryan Clark, Data Development: Rowan Edwards, LRC Link: Lizzy Peat

          e) New post of Technical Development. Proposed - Richard Dawson

7. Proposed changes to Constitution

    Proposed changes as notified in Newsletter Spring 2022 and on BWARS website.

8. AOB

       This should be for emergency items only. If you wish to bring an item to the notice of the meeting, please send details to Chair by 9th Sept, so that it can be added to the agenda.

Comfort break & chat rooms


Presentations Programme

11:15 – 15:30 (lunch break approx. 12:45)


Jeremy Field -   Wasps and phylogenies

Andy Jarman -   Tips for recognising the most frequently encountered ant genera and species

James Power -    The Sussex Bee Atlas - six challenges and the stories they tell

Ellen Moss -       Spatial and temporal impacts of climate change on bees and wasps - a pilot study using BWARS data.

Ellen Baker -     Title tbc