Submit a sighting of Anthidium manicatum (wool carder bee)

Reporting your sightings of Anthidium manicatum

BWARS is continuing to expand its various mapping projects in 2013, and we are now adding a page for the Wool-carder Bee, Anthidium manicatum.

If you have any records of this spectacular, aggressive, territorial and distinctively marked solitary bee, please submit the full details via this online recording platform. There is a facility for uploading photographs to support records if you have them. Please use the boxes below to provide information on numbers, sexes, flower visitation, behaviour and nest sites, and include any additional information in the "Comment" section.

Anthidium manicatum - wool carder bee
Photo: Penny Frith
You are about to submit a sighting of a wool-carder bee, Anthidium manicatum. First, tell us who identified it and provide photos of the record if you have any. This information will help us confirm the record
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Please provide the spatial reference of the record. You can enter the reference directly in the Grid Ref box, or search for a place to zoom the map then click on the map to set it. The more the map is zoomed in, the more precise the grid square will be.
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