Wasps collecting mud from a bank on a stream

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Richard Hancox
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Wasps collecting mud from a bank on a stream


I recently saw some unusual (to me) wasp activity whereby a large number of wasps were disappearing down a hole (about 2-3in diameter) in the bank of a small stream and reemerging with quite large balls of mud (certainy visible to the naked eye). The wasps were coming and going at the rate of about one per second, each rather heavily laden with a mud ball, and flying (with somewhat of a struggle) over the field I was in towards some trees. I'm assuming that the material would be used to line a nest. I am used to seeing evidence of wasps removing layers of wood from fences to do so but not mud - and there was plenty of wood available from old fencing nearby. Fom a quick internet search, I don't think these would have been solitary potter wasps, as they were obviously in a very large, well organised colony. Can anyone advise what wasp activity it might have been that I saw? I am new to this Forum, but wandered if anyone could help me to identify which type of wasps these ight have been.

I look forward to hearing from you.