A ball of Osmia bicornis

Has anyone seen this before?

A friend sent me some pictures after checking her bee hotel of a ball of Osmia bicornis that appeared to be resting together and waiting out the cold weather. It was a sunny day so my friend removed the tray and put it in the sun and pretty soon the bees warmed up and flew off. However she noticed that as soon as she put the bee box back together the bees returned to the same spot and resumed their ball like behaviour.

Is this commonly recorded in O bicornis when the weather isnt 100% favourable?


Many thanks




Look out for a new bee-fly

In April 2017 Rob Mills photographed a distinctive insect in his garden. This turned out to be the bee-fly Anthrax anthrax, a species never confirmed from Britain before. The bee-fly was sitting on a bee hotel in his garden near Cambridge, on a log drilled with holes containing solitary bee brood cells.

Anthrax anthrax. Photo: Rob Mills

Bees, Hoverflies and Flowers: Pollinators and Pollination

Martin Harvey leads this course introducing a range of pollinating insects, including the variety of different bees and hoverflies: how to find them, how to recognise them and what their role is in pollination. We’ll be able to explore the rich flower meadows and hedgerows of Forty Hall Farm.  A number of projects have been set up recently to help record and conserve pollinators, and you’ll be able to find out how to take part in these.

Venue: Forty Hall Farm, Forty Hill, Enfield EN2 9HA

Price: £35

Display Date: 

24 June 2017

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Sat, 24/06/2017


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