wasp identification photos

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wasp identification photos

During my identification and learning process (never ends!) I took photos of the bits of wasp specimens which were alluded to in the key(s), mostly first and last below, to help me understand what was meant:

Yeo P.F. & Corbett S.A. 1983 Solitary Wasps. Naturalist's Handbooks 3 CUP
Richards O.W. 1980 Scolioidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea RES.
and worth every penny for the clear illustrations and descriptions:
Lomholdt O. 1984 The Sphecidae (Hymenoptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark. Brill (publisher, not a comment on how good I think it is!)

They are now set out on my flickr site as a series of collections in case they are of any help to anyone.


134 individuals are dealt with there, a few are missing as I do not feel confident enough to lead anyone up the garden path. Be aware, as it says, they are my I.D.s but they were checked by me against Cardiff Museum specimens (thanks to Mark Pavett).

I decided not to bother doing the same thing with the bees as Steven Falk's book is available and the Ray Society one will presumably be out sometime soon.